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About Me...

I always find it hard to write about myself without sounding like a bit of a dick. In job applications I'm always warey to make myself sound right for the job, but not like I'm bragging or being pretencious. Nobody wants to hire that guy! Anyway, here's some words that hopefully describe who I am and what I do, without making you want to vomit.

I'm a 24 year old creative living in Manchester, specialising in Radio Presenting, DJing and Web Design. Radio was my first love and I started that by volunteering on an online station aged just 16. I quickly fell in love with the medium and being able to share my favourite songs and my sometimes random thoughts with a wide audience of listeners. I loved the instant reactions you'd get from people and the fact that these people were scattered all over the world. I loved the idea that I could one day be paid just for playing music that I like and entertaining people.

Throughout College and University I built on my experience and ended up creating radio stations along the wa, as well as helping on existing stations, including the award winning 99.8FM KCC Live in Liverpool. After I graduated University (2:1 in Business Management) I held a brief stint on Salford City Radio, but unfortunately had to give it up for work commitments.

With DJing, that was sort of an extension of the love of radio. If I enjoyed playing stuff for people in their living rooms and seeing their reactions, imagine playing stuff in a big room full of people and seeing them go mental! My first gig was upstairs in the club room of a popular pub in Blackpool. I didn't have decks, or even proper DJing software but I made the best of what I had and I loved it. I ended up managing a massive night at a big nightclub, then being poached by another nightclub to run there's. I haven't DJed in quite a while, but given the right night, I would absolutely love to.

Web Design again stemmed from radio. I was rather enterprising as a student and wanted to start my own radio station, so I needed to learn how to make a website. I wanted complete control over it and wasn't going to hire anyone else to do it for me. The first few websites I did were bloody awful, but eventually I got good at it and I launched 'Fresh Hits Radio' (more on that in the radio section). A short while after, my best friend at the time and I decided if we teamed up (he was good at graphics, I was more techy), that we could make a load of money from this website lark. We set up a business and we did alright. Fast forward to a few years down the line and I've since had 2 or 3 other web design businesses and built around 25 different websites and online projects for various clients, from Singers, to Dentists, to Driveway Cleaners and everything in between.

I've tried Web Design as a career and it's not for me, but I do enjoy working on projects on the side and helping people out, that's why you'll still see me promoting my latest bit of work in that respect.

Career Highlights so far...

- Reaching the assessment centre stage of the BBC Production Talent Pool 2013 recruitment process, making it into the top 300 of around 4,700 applications 

- Interviewing Scouting For Girls, Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip, Enter Shikari and Mikill Pane.

- Starting the first succesful student radio station at Edge Hill University in 60 years.

- Raising approximately £2600 for various charities so far (inc. Comic Relief and Children in Need).

- Having 2 guest appearences on local BBC radio stations (Merseyside and Lancashire).

- Winning the Most Enterprising Secondary Student award from HERO Blackpool.

- Being nominated for an On Course Excellence in Creative Arts scholarship.

- Being the youngest person to manage and DJ at their own event at the UKs biggest nightclub, The Syndicate Superclub Blackpool.

- Organising dry bar events for 16-18 year olds boasting 600-800 attendees at a time. 

- Being given £2,500 of government funding for a youth orientated community station.

- Being the Managing Director of my own company at 18.